Lamongan Shorebase is designed, built, and operated by PT Eastern Logistics, a subsidiary of Eastlog Holdings Pte Ltd. Our group also provides design, build, and operation services for Oil and Gas Shorebases worldwide.

A world-class multi-user facility, Lamongan Shorebase is designed and built to provide integrated support services and facilities to the highly specialized needs of the Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia. We operate to the highest standards of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE).

At Lamongan Shorebase, we cater to Production Sharing Contractors (PSCs); Services Companies and Manufacturers of Oil and Gas Equipment by providing Shorebase, Gateway Port, Hub Port, and Industrial Services.

Shorebase Services

We support offshore exploration, drilling, projects, and production activities for most of the companies operating offshore East Java. We have purpose built berths that incorporate adequate space for Dry Bulk Plants on the jetty, as well as facilities adjacent to the jetty for Liquid Mud Plants.

Gateway Port

We support onshore drilling and production needs of PSCs within East Java by being the Port of Entry and act as a consolidation hub for all required materials.

Hub Port

As a Hub Port, we support the needs of PSCs and Service Companies whose activities are located further east of us, where there are no or limited access to a suitable Secondary Port. As a result, PSCs can use dedicated charter vessels to move material from our ideally located International Public Port to a field location.

We also have the advantage of being in a location which is well served by an International Airport, a good network of roads, and the second busiest Port in Indonesia.

Industrial Hub

With the large number of PSCs using Lamongan Shorebase, numerous service companies have set up operations within our shorebase. These include companies offering Fabrication Services, Inspection Services, Waste Management, Oil Spill Response, and Explosive Storage.

Latest News

REPSOL Celebrates 100 Days Without Injury

REPSOL celebrated 100 Days Without Injury on September 2022, this celebration which is held on Lhokseumawe Shorebase Aceh, was carried out in a relaxed but solemn manner, by cutting the “Nasi Tumpeng” thus took a photo together at outside area.

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Independence Day 2022

On the 17th of August, is a day celebrated annually by the entire Nation of Indonesia. Lamongan Shorebase employees celebrate this “MERDEKA” day by gathering together with games and celebration. Games include fashion show, balloon dance, pingpong estafet, etc.

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Petronas Visit

30 June 2022, Lamongan Shorebase enthusiastically welcome Petronas. On the sunny day, the event started in the office area, then went around visiting the facilities at Lamongan Shorebase.

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On-job Training

We carry out on-job training activities on February  27, 2020 for one month. The participants are the students of SMK Tasrib, Kemantren.

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