Lamongan Shorebase is designed, built, and operated by PT Eastern Logistics, a subsidiary of Eastlog Holdings Pte Ltd. Our group also provides design, build, and operation services for Oil and Gas Shorebases worldwide.

A world-class multi-user facility, Lamongan Shorebase is designed and built to provide integrated support services and facilities to the highly specialized needs of the Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia. We operate to the highest standards of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE).

At Lamongan Shorebase, we cater to Production Sharing Contractors (PSCs); Services Companies and Manufacturers of Oil and Gas Equipment by providing Shorebase, Gateway Port, Hub Port, and Industrial Services.

Shorebase Services

We support offshore exploration, drilling, projects, and production activities for most of the companies operating offshore East Java. We have purpose built berths that incorporate adequate space for Dry Bulk Plants on the jetty, as well as facilities adjacent to the jetty for Liquid Mud Plants.

Gateway Port

We support onshore drilling and production needs of PSCs within East Java by being the Port of Entry and act as a consolidation hub for all required materials.

Hub Port

As a Hub Port, we support the needs of PSCs and Service Companies whose activities are located further east of us, where there are no or limited access to a suitable Secondary Port. As a result, PSCs can use dedicated charter vessels to move material from our ideally located International Public Port to a field location.

We also have the advantage of being in a location which is well served by an International Airport, a good network of roads, and the second busiest Port in Indonesia.

Industrial Hub

With the large number of PSCs using Lamongan Shorebase, numerous service companies have set up operations within our shorebase. These include companies offering Fabrication Services, Inspection Services, Waste Management, Oil Spill Response, and Explosive Storage.

Latest News

Sea Water Analysis on November 2023

Sea water quality conditions are very important to support the survival of each organisms that live in it. Water quality is influenced by various things,  by pay attention to water quality standards such as content, substances, energy, pH and various other parameters will be able…

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EJMT Groundbreaking

Lamongan Shorebase witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony of the East Java Multipurpose Terminal (EJMT) at October 12, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the region’s development. Attended by officials and key stakeholders, the event symbolized the commencement of a transformative project set to bolster the area’s…

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Blood Donation 2023

At October 10, 2023, Lamongan Shorebase is organizing a blood donation event, highlighting the significance of community engagement in healthcare. By participating in this blood drive, individuals can make a direct impact on emergency medical care and ongoing treatments. Transforming it into a meaningful communal…

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Independence Day 2023

Lamongan Shorebase rang in the Independence Day celebration with a vibrant event that combined patriotic fervor, cultural pride, and a spirit of friendship. The highlight of the festivities was a traditional shirt attire, where employees showcased a dazzling array of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage through…

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PT Smart Sinar Mas Visit to EJMT

In a collaborative effort, PT Smart Sinar Mas representatives visited Lamongan Shorebase to explore the East Java Multipurpose Terminal site. This visit marked a crucial step in strengthening ties between the two entities, as they delved into potential opportunities and gained interaction facilitated a comprehensive…

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Petronas Management Visit

In June 14, 2023, witnessed a Petronas management visit to Lamongan Shorebase. This encounter aimed at strengthening ties and exploring avenues for mutual growth and cooperation. The visit provided an opportunity for both entities to discuss further potential collaborations and insights.

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