10 Million Safe Man Hours

LS celebrated 10 Million Safe Man hours on 29 th Nov with a gathering of all personnel, with customers and vendors.
It took us 5 years to achieve this milestone, and in that 5 years, we had a total of 7981 vessel calls, handled 2,386,661.93 tons of cargo at the jetty.

Pak Wiwit, HSE Manager opened the event with a short speech, followed by the speech of  Pak Sugeng, our Senior Operations Manager.

At the event, everyone on Base committed to “Safety is Everyone’s responsibility” by signing a banner.

We took the occasion to thank our customers and vendors who have advised us, guided us, and supported us in making LS a safer place for all.

Staff from all departments took part in a safety quiz, and were rewarded with cash awards for the right answer.

The event closed with our LS Eastlife Band leading all to participate in our safety theme song.

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility….