Health, Safety & Environment

Lamongan Shorebase strives to be an industry leader in Indonesia on Health, Safety, and Environment excellence. It is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our staff and any user to our business activities at our base. In addition, it is our focus to ensure that we do not pollute the environment as we carry out our business activities and operations. The following are our guidelines in ensuring HSE excellence:

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We purpose-designed and built our base and its facilities with special emphasis on safety and the environment.

Our structures and facilities are designed to have safe working conditions. Our chemical warehouse is built with sufficient natural light and proper ventilation. Also, we have installed eyewash stations, emergency shower stations, and fire hydrants, throughout the facilities at the base.

In line with being environment friendly, the facilities on our base, through oil catchers, have no dirty water. We ensure proper segregation of waste. Also, in compliance with the laws of Indonesia, we do not take ground water for sale to vessels. In fact, we process sea water by reverse osmosis.

A HSE committee was constituted at the start of our operations. This committee, chaired by our CEO, takes a stringent stand that all HSE policies have to be implemented with strict supervision and in conjunction with our code of business conduct.

The HSE committee has a dedicated HSE department. Our HSE team is on site to enforce our HSE policies. This department also ensures that our Base and Port Rules are strictly adhered to, and it conducts monthly HSE coordination meeting with all users of the base.

As with our base HSE manual, we also carry out periodic drills. Such drills include medical emergencies, casualty evacuation, fire fighting, and first aid.

The Health, Safety, and Environment excellence is made possible through the commitment of our staff. Through our rigorous training sessions and our ongoing promotion of HSE awareness, we ensure our staff conducts their day to day operations of the company on the base, with high standards of HSE guidelines. Regardless of ranking or department, it is also the individual responsibility of our staff to ensure that all programmes, systems, and procedures are properly followed.

Apart from abiding by the policies, at Lamongan Shorebase, we always actively look for opportunities to improve our HSE standards as well as motivating our staff to achieve HSE excellence.

PT Eastern Logistics believes that employee training and education are the core foundation for a safe working environment. Training will be made available to personnel as per Training Matrix.

To increase awareness on the importance of Health and Safety, Health Talks will be conducted; topics that teach us about health and safety regulations, preventive approaches to everyday hazards, first aid training, and many more.

To improve our health and safety standards, employees will be sent for special training to understand and to uphold the health and safety standards in the workplace.

As our base have multi users, integrated facilities and services, we strive to ensure that our HSE standards are compliant by all. These standards are implemented via our Base and Port Rules, and our HSE Rules. Our HSE department also conduct monthly coordination meetings with our tenants and clients to ensure that their HSE performances are in sync.

At the base, we also assert the right to manage HSE responsibility in areas we control. Such areas include jetty, our office, our workshops, our construction areas, and heavy equipment park. We will investigate and report should there be any incident that occur within these areas. In areas of the base where our client or tenant control, by example, within the tenant's yard, office, warehouse, or workshop, we also reserve the right to intervene if we have reason to believe that tenant's activities may be unsafe or not environment friendly.

Whilst we try to have rules for all HSE matters, it is not possible to be prescriptive for everything, and we expect all tenants and users of the base to play a part to make Lamongan Shorebase the safest and most environment friendly base.

Watch our Safety Induction video in English and in Bahasa version. Click here to download Base and Port Rule

Safety Performance Indicators

HSE Performance January - April 2024

1. Total Safe Man Hours since Last Lost Time Accident
2. Total Incident
  A. Non Recordable
    a. Nearmis
    b. Environmental
    c. First Aid
    d. Property Damage
  B. Recordable
    a. Fatality
    b. Lost Time Injury (LTI)
    c. Restricted Work Case
    d. Medical Treatment
3. Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)
4. Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)