Kemantren Food Giveaways

Yesterday, the entire village of Kemantren (aprox 2,500) attended the breakfasting event at Al Abror, held by P.T Eastern Logistics. Early this morning (July 9) Lamongan Shorebase had a food giveaway to the villagers of Kemantren.

This gift-giving event is conducted every year by LS. This is their fourth year that LS provided gifts to the citizens of Kemantren during Lebaran.

The gift package, that contains rice, bread, and other snacks, are distributed to each villager and their homes. Each villager will record their address, so that every home gets their share

It is important to keep a close connection with the citizens of Kemantren, and to make sure that there is a sense of belonging between the two parties. Lamongan Shorebase will do its best for the continuity of this friendship between the citizens of Kemantren.