What We Do

We offer both In-Base and Off-Base Services.

In-Base Facilities & Services:

Lamongan Shorebase spans an area of 80 hectare, with state-of-the-art offices, warehouses, workshops, yards, port, and storage facilities. In our base, we offer a wide spectrum to suit our customers needs and we constantly refine our product concepts and develop entirely new products based on industry feedback.

As a one-stop destination base, we also have a comprehensive service offerings to assist our customers in their day to day operations. With a team of trained professionals, we are dedicated to assist our customers to maximize efficiency. 

Off-Base Services:

We also offer our customers Managed Logistics Services Off-Base. Having designed and built our facilities to the highest oil field standards and armed with a team of experienced personnel, who are trained to the best oil field standards through the implementation of our certified Standard Operating Procedures, we are uniquely placed to assist PSCs and Service Companies to set up and operate in new locations, whether these be rented, rented and built, or new builds.

All our facilities are built with quality finishes and designed with functional layouts and easy accessibility. We are also mission centric, we will endeavor to develop new service to meet our customers requirement. Showed any service your require is not on our list,
kindly contact us at marketing@eastern-logistics.com


Our facilities include:

Bulk Plant Bays on Jetty

Located less than 15 metres from the jetty edge, our Bulk Plant Bays are situated at the centre of the jetty. Each bay is 300 square metres and is reinforced to carry heavy loads. Our Bulk Plant bays can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis.


We offer catered meals on sit down or pack basis, 24 hours a day, from breakfast to supper.

Compacted Open Yards

We have large compacted open yards (90% compaction, 15 ton per m2 load) available for both projects and long term rentals.

Covered Tubular Inspection Areas

Occupying a covered area of 20 m x 40 m of reinforced concrete flooring, our covered tubular inspection area can take a load of 15 MT per square metres. It has inspection racks, power and water facilities, and the areas is surrounded by an oil catchment drainage system. The rental of this facilities includes an open yard adjacent for lay down of material to be inspected and is available for a 12 hourly call out.

Crew Change Terminal

The Crew Change Terminal is situated just off the jetty but, within the secured port operations area. For the comfort of our customers, our Crew Change Terminal is air conditioned, with restrooms. There are also audio and video facilities for safety briefings and if requested, we are able to provide snacks and refreshments to the crew.

Dedicated Jetty

Our jetty has a draft of 6 m to 9 m at low tide and it is specifically designed for supply vessels and vessels up to 10,000 DWT. The 12,500 m2 jetty (250 m in length by 50 m in width) is able to berth 4 supply vessels simultaneously with 350 m of berth. There is also a bulk plant area of 2,400 m2 (120 m x 20 m) in the middle of the jetty. Each dedicated berth is equipped with fuel, water and bulk delivery lines that are able to deliver large quantities safely and efficiently without affecting our ability to simultaneously handle deck cargo, thus allowing quick vessel turnaround time.

Designated Bonded Storage Areas

We have PGB from Bea Cukai for Bonded Storage. In turn, we can apply for PGB for companies that seek to offer Bonded storage services to their customers in our base.

Explosive Bunkers

Currently, we are using our portacabins as temporary explosive bunkers whilst 10 pairs of reinforced concrete igloos are being constructed. Our explosive bunkers are designed and built with the highest safety standards, being:
a. KK-03-DJM, Recommended Action for the Safe Conduct of Explosive Handling in Indonesia
b. TM 5-1300, Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosion
c. AR 385-64, Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standard, US Dept of Army
d. BS 8100, Structural Use of Concrete, British Standards Institution
e. BS 5950, Structural Use of Steelwork in Building, British Standard Institution.

Hazardous Goods Store

Our Hazadous Goods Store is for the storage of gas cylinders, paints, and other hazardous material. We rent this on a monthly basis to customers that requires such storage on the base.


The coordinates for our helipad is Latitude: 06◦ 52’ 08.739” S; Longitude: 112◦ 25’ 01.443” E with an elevation of ±230 Feet MSL. The helipad is used for both private operations and Emergency Medevac operations.

High Speed Diesel (HSD)

We are able to arrange HSD for sale to customers at Lamongan Shorebase which will be delivered by road tankers and fuel barges. This services is available on 24 hours basis but with prior notice.

LCT Ramp

Our LCT Ramp supports construction and operational activites to berth.

Liquid Mud Plants

We have 1000 sq m of dedicated space for a liquid mud plant. The space is located within 150 m of the berths and comes complete with concrete spill bund walls.
We have space on additional mud plant if required.

Office Suites

We provide our customers with office suites if required. These 30 square metre suites are air-conditioned, complete with internet, fax and phone lines, and furniture, within a secured location.

Pressure Test Pond

We have a 10 m x 9 m concrete lined pond, 3m deep to allow testing of equipment. This is available for rent on a daily basis.

Reefer Container Yard

We have special yard which is dedicated to reefer containers complete with power source for each container.

Transit Yard & Equipment Staging Area

This is a large compacted open yard (90% compaction) available for project rental.


We have warehouses built to International Standards available for rental. We also provide Inventory Management services for our customers.


We utilize reverse osmosis to produce potable water, which is delivered from tanks to vessels by fixed delivery lines located under the jetty. Through these delivery lines, we able to deliver 70 MT of water per hour.

Workshops with 5 or 10 Ton Overhead Gantry Cranes

Our workshops are 900 square meters each and are equipped with either a 5 or 10 MT overhead gantry cranes, making it possible to move loads within the workshop.


Our services include:

24 Hours Clinic

We have a 24 hour clinic that is able to deal with the full range of contingencies of the oil and gas industry. In addition, we also provide medical evacuation where casualties are evacuated either by helicopter or Lamongan Shorebase ambulance to the required destination.

Business Support Services

Paralleled to a hotel business centre, our Business Support Service Centre provides services such as travel arrangements, secretarial services, rental of office equipment, and conference facilities.

Communications Services

We offer seamless communication services be it voice or data. We are backed up by our own Data Centre, fiber optic backbone, and satellite access. We can offer dedicated network connection line (MPLS, VPN, lease line) for the data security via fiber optic or radio link from our own tower with high bandwidth and fast latency . In addition, we have marine and regular handy talkies for rental as we have licenses for several dedicated frequencies for use. Within the base, our tower boost the range of our handy talkies to cover the full extent of the base.

Container Stuffing & Unstuffing

We have vast experience in stuffing a multitude of break bulk cargoes of various sizes, weight, and dimensions. We do it professionally to avoid damages to your valuable cargoes or/and to the container.

Customs Services

As with any international public port, we have bonded facilities and custom services available.

Fabrication Services

Our Fabrication facility has 900 m2 of covered workshop complete with a 5 or 10 ton Overhead Gantry Cranes and a 5,000 m2 open yard.

Fire Fighting

Our trained and fully equipped fire fighters are on call 24 hours a day. We have available, a full range of fire fighting equipment from hydrants to portable extinguishers and are able to fight all classes of fire using foam and water.

Inspection & Certification Services

We provide Inspection & Certified Services to industry professionals across Indonesia and all points beyond.

Lifting and Hauling

We have available for rental, together with fully licensed and certified operators the following type of equipment for lifting and hauling: 1.6 T, 3 T, 5 T, and 7 T Forklift; 45 T, 50 T, 70 T, 100 T, and 120 T Cranes; as well as a fleet of prime movers and trailers.

Load Surveys

We have third party approved vendors offering a full range of inspection services, including load surveys. These Inspectors are available for call out at short notice.

Managed Logistics Services

We have the capability to provide off site services using our Integrated Shorebase and Logistics service process and procedures as well as a our trained and experienced Off Site Service team to customers if required.


Our Certified riggers, foremen, and supervisors are available for call out on daily or monthly basis. We work to an extended 12 hour shift, 365 days a year. Also, we are able to provide qualified warehouse men and logistics managers if required.

Oil Spill Equipment and Services

We maintain 200 m of deep water boom, skimmer, dispersants, and absorbant pads to manage oil spills. We regularly drill deployment of our boom and skimmers and host oil spill response training jointly with OSRL. Our senior oil spill responders are qualified to manage Tier 2 Spills.

Packing / Lashing Services

With us, you can be assured that your crating, packing, and lashing needs are being handled in the most efficient professional manner.

Project Management

We encourage oil and gas companies to locate within LS and to construct their own facilities. Our Project management team can design, manage and construct for our clients. We can also support our clients in their project management.

Rental of Equipment

We have a large range of generators, compressors, pumps, welding and cutting tools, cargo carrying units, baskets skips all for long or short term rental. For rental of generators and compressors, we also provide operators and maintenance support.


Our guards are bi-lingual and they are trained in house. They have Level 2 paramedic certification from SOS International, Fire Fighting Certification from Navy, and Crowd Control and Search Procedures from a government agency.

Shipping Agency

We have several approved vendors who offer shopping agency services located within the Shorebase. Our clients can use these agents at short notice by call offs.

Slings and Consumables

We have available dunnage, stoppers, slings, clamps, and a full range of consumables for purchase at our customers’ convenience.

Stevedoring & Cargodoring

We execute loading and discharging from and to the ship in the hull.

Waste Management

We have outsourced our Waste Management to PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLi). PPLi provides disposal services for hazardous waste and subsequently a wide range of waste management services such as transportation of waste, waste treatment processes, and waste analysis. They dispose waste in a secure and modern landfill compliant with international waste management standards including that of the World Bank, EU, and US-EPA.