Sea Survival Training

This week, Lamongan Shorebase carried out a Sea Survival Training session in the aims of improving our awareness of offshore safety.

We believe that safety is essential; it is everyones responsibility and duty. This sea survival training will improve safety standards for everyone, especially the jetty crew who constantly work near bodies of water.

Synergy Solusi and Indonesia Safety Center (ISC) trained our crew on the basics of Sea Survival and Man Overboard. There will be 3 batches in total, each batch with a maximum of 15 persons. Each batch will have to go through 2 sessions of the training provided by Synergy Solusi and ISC, each session from 8:00AM until 5:00PM.

The first session will solely focus on theories of basic sea survival, equipment used during the procedures, different names and types of safety procedures, and much more. The second session is a practical session; most of which will be conducted in water under professional supervision.