Sea Water Analysis on November 2023

Sea water quality conditions are very important to support the survival of each organisms that live in it. Water quality is influenced by various things,  by pay attention to water quality standards such as content, substances, energy, pH and various other parameters will be able to determine the level pollution of the sea. As the Company’s commitment to the environment, PT. Lamongan Integrated Shorebase has committed to regularly monitoring sea water quality and marine biota around the port area.

On 09 November 2023 PT. Lamongan Integrated Shorebase has carried out water sampling for sea water monitoring. This activity aims to determine the quality sea water monitored comparing with sea water quality standards based on Indonesian Republic Government Regulation No. 22 of 2021 in attachment VIII concerning Sea Water Quality Standards for Ports activity, from that analysis data PT. Lamongan Integrated Shorebase will be able to take out planning actions for minimize environmental impacts on port operational activities.

Beside from sea water quality, marine biota in the port. at PT. Lamongan Integrated Shorebase also has carried out sampling to determine the survival of existing organisms and ensure that operational activities at the Lamongan Integrated Shorebase port do not have a negative impact on the environment. This also applies to the project activities from subcontractors who carry out activities around the sea waters surrounding Lamongan Integrated Shorebase port.