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At Lamongan Shorebase, it is our mission to provide our customers on the base with the relevant facilities and quality support services through a team of like-minded Approved Vendors.

Our Approved Vendors have undergone a screening and qualifying process, with quality, competence, experience, and commitment as key indicators.

Should you be interested to be an Approved Vendor, please view our Approved Vendor Scheme and please Apply Now and we will get back to you shortly. In addition, you can also receive updates on our schemes and our list of our Approved Vendors and their services updates.

Approved Vendor Scheme

At Lamongan Shorebase, it is our vision to bring together all the integrated support services and facilities required by our clients in the oil exploration and production companies in a highly cost-effective manner.

Our Mission

To be client centric by providing our clients on the base with the relevant facilities and quality support services through vendors that provide cost effective services.

Goals of the Scheme

  1. To identify quality vendors of specialist services for our clients on the base.

  2. To ensure these vendors are located at the base or have a presence on the base to offer quality and comprehensive services to our clients.

  3. To provide our clients high quality of services through reliability, ethical business standards, HSE excellence, and proper execution processes.

  4. To be able to provide these services at very short notice to our clients where time might be of the essence to them.

Appointment as an Approved Vendor

When you have qualified and are appointed as our Approved Vendor, you would have undergone an evaluation process by Lamongan Shorebase. Your company has achieved a high standard of excellence in the appointed service and we will be proud to be associated with you as a partner who shares our aspirations to excel.

By this appointment, Lamongan Shorebase will recommend your services to our clients should our clients request such services.

This appointment is non exclusive, as we respect our clients' right to work with their existing service providers and to select service providers of their choice. We will, however, recommend a short list of suitable Approved Vendors should our clients not have an existing relationship and also to offer them with alternative service providers.

Key Benefits of Being Part of our Approved Vendor Scheme

  1. Lamongan Shorebase is an integrated supply base where our tenants and clients will need to an array of services. This scheme will enable you to network with a client base and providers of related services.

  2. Our Approved Vendors will be evaluated to ensure that our Approved Vendors provide the quality and competence in their service area. You will be recognized as provider of excellent services.

  3. We will publish the fact that our Approved Vendors have been appointed and will promote our Approved Vendor's provision of the service via our printed materials and website.

  4. We will also publish prices charged by our Approved Vendors on the relevant printed materials and make the list available to our clients upon request.

  5. Lamongan Shorebase will recommend our Approved Vendors services to our clients should our clients request such services from us.

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Approved Vendors

List below are our approved vendors:

  1. Alumada Artha Prima (AAP)
  2. Angler Biochemlab
  3. Atiek Catering
  4. Bahtera Adhiguna (Persero)
  5. Bipie
  6. Cipta Krida Bahari
  7. Dahana
  8. Dunia Saftindo
  9. Envilab
  10. Go Clean Indonesia
  11. Hempel Indonesia
  12. Karya Usaha Baru
  13. Maiza Lubrika
  14. Mitra Tata Kerja
  15. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLi)
  16. Rentokil
  17. Samator
  18. Siaptek
  19. Surveyor  Indonesia
  20. Talimas
  21. Trakindo Utama
  22. Tri Wahana Universal
  23. UTSG