Idul Adha 1445H – 2024

In celebration of Idul Adha 1445H – 17 June 2024, Lamongan Shorebase participated in the Islam annual tradition of qurban by slaughtering a total of 2 cows and 6 goats. At Sumur Sepaku, one cow was sacrificed, and at the Al-Kautsar Mosque and EKS, one goat each was slaughtered, bringing a sense of unity and gratitude among the local residents. The event was marked by collective prayers and the distribution of meat to the less fortunate, embodying the spirit of sharing and compassion that defines Idul Adha.

In the Kemantren village area, the Al-Abror Mosque witnessed the sacrifice of one cow and one goat, while additional goats were slaughtered at Makam Mbah Wiro Mantri, the Rukun Nelayan Office. Meanwhile, in the Paciran area, a goat was slaughtered at HNSI Paciran.. These activities were carried out with great enthusiasm and devotion, as villagers came together to perform the qurban rituals. The distributed meat provided much-needed support to many families, fostering a sense of community and reinforcing the bonds of solidarity among the villagers.